M.Sc., M.B.A., B.Ed., Director, Youth Services – RCCR
Trainer, Subject Expert, Academic Advisor

She has a decade long experience in designing content and curriculum for school education. The different dimensions of her profile are developing animated lessons for India, Singapore, US and South Africa, conducting workshops for teachers, creating lesson plans, worksheets and question papers for schools across Tamilnadu.

She believes in child-centric curriculum which encourages kids to explore their interests and ask their own questions. It focuses on developing a child’s unique sense of creativity not just through artistic expression, but in how they learn new concepts and solve problems. The technique dictates that teachers, instead of telling the child exactly what they have to do, should observe more passively, giving the child the space to learn and grow in his or her own way. Giraffe provides a curriculum which is child-centric and integrated in its approach, which makes sure that the child is happy to participate in the learning.

Being Math her field of expertise, she has conducted Math Fest, trail, games and quizzes for school children. She is passionate about making Math a subject that children love to learn and remove the tag of ‘a dry and tough subject’ which has been attached to it. This conviction made her set up the Math laboratory @Giraffe, which allows students to try out hands-on activities which leads to self-exploration. Strengthening the conceptual understanding of children and enhancing the mathematical thinking skills in them are the main objectives of this laboratory. Children experience the joy of discovery with the Math lab kits which are designed to support content of all grades from 1 to 10.