Lets go to schoolHappy to have launched an educational model which excites and engages kids meaningfully keeping them at their own space. This program is carefully split into offline and online modes of sessions and delivered with great zeal of joy, fun and learning experience considering the age of kids, scope of resources and technological support, feasibility of delivery and attention span of kids. The program is getting shape with craft kits, daily assignment and homework.


We are with you, virtually!

Assignment submissions

  • I wonder how can a 5 year old can talk about science, techniques and logic behind a situation… Yes they made it happen “GIRAFFE” a complete child centric approach… Thanks wouldn’t fill the feel I have towards giraffe. Kudos giraffe you again made it happen through virtual classroom…
    Ms. AnnaLakshimi
    Parent of Krithik


  • The school has been off but learning hasn’t.. my heart full thanks to the giraffe team for the great efforts they have put in so that children should get and fun based learning and stay positive and safe.. As parents, Giraffe has always made us feel comfortable.Your attention to details, and the caring and loving environment are your strength. I would like to show my sincere gratitude for the hard work and dedication of staff’s and management during this difficult time of pandemic. Well managing the kids of age group of 3 to 5 virtually is a really challenging task.Interactive teaching, doing fun in the class & ensuring kids are getting your every single word are really commendable, regular assignments and ensuring whether the child is comfortable in the learning process when each and every child is different in it’s own way really needs lots of patience.
    Ms. Jaya
    Parent of Nakshatra


  • Happy schooling with Giraffe😊..
    All teachers are very caring, creative, talented. The way of teaching is unique with lots of creativity, learning through playful fun activities, promoting kids own way of creative & intellectual thinking power.. Overall Giraffe School teachers help kids to develop their skills very well in all the essential aspects of life & learning. Thank you so much to all the teachers & staffs.
    Ms. Anusuya
    Parent of Varshini


  • Lets go to school online program makes the students occupying their time usefully in education.it helps to keep continue their reading habit and update their knowledge without break. Teachers and students interaction is good though its a online mode. Very well organised.online teaching and technology is good. My son loves and enjoys everyday.Thank you for making his time useful.
    Ms. Rajalakshmi
    Parent of Naren


  • HI mam, I really appreciate all your efforts, wanted to say it’s not easy to educated the children during this COVID 19 online classes. The Teacher’s and the Management have put in so much Hard work. Teachers are very patient, caring and concern. Thanks to the Giraffe Team
    Mr. VijayaBabu
    Parent of Manaswini


  • Let’s go to school…. Initially thought how this online session program may be… But after one session really feels very satisfied with the teacher and my kids both were well cooperative and little Little distraction from my kids but that is not a big issues for me because they are kids….Teaching practically is very good and that makes to grasp kids concentration… Craft session is more attractive for the kids to enjoy in learning… Let’s hope for the best for coming days…. Thank you
    Mr. Damotharan
    Parent of Thanishka & Thanushka


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